The Trademark Counterfeiter’s Depot – Self-Storage Facilities: Another Third-Party Supply Chain Intermediary – Part I

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Self-Storage facilities around the world have more in common than just providing space at reasonable rates for persons in need of more storage space or in transition—they have been (and continue to be) an often preferred choice for the storage of trademark counterfeits.


  • December 2014, U.S. law enforcement raided a self-storage facility in Queens, New York, seizing counterfeit goods valued at $2.2 million
  • October 2017, British law enforcement (Greater Manchester Region) raided six addresses (which included self-storage units) and seized enough fake designer clothes to fill a truck valued at $2.7 million
  • January 2018, U.S law enforcement raided a self-storage facility in Nassau County, New York, and came up with counterfeits valued at $25 million
  • March 2018, British law enforcement (West Midlands Region) seized counterfeit alcohol and tobacco from a self-storage facility valued at $4.2 million
  • May 2018, U.S. law enforcement raided a self-storage facility in Laredo, Texas and seized counterfeit goods valued at $16 million


According to retired NYPD detective William Ryan, president of Ryan Investigative Group, who was quoted in a 2016 New York Times article titled: Counterfeiting Trade Settles Into a New York Standby: Self-Storage Units, “They’re (self-storage operators) not paying attention to handbags and all this stuff moving in and out on a daily basis,” he said. “Suppose they weren’t moving handbags, they’re moving weapons. ‘See something, say something?’ Not in these places.”[1]


Blockchain Research Embraced in Global Fight Against IP Theft

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“If I understand Blockchain correctly, it will revolutionize tracking of goods somewhat like how GPS revolutionized navigation.”

That statement was made by U.S. Congressman Ralph Abraham, member of the Committee on Science, Space, & Technology, at their May 8th congressional hearing on the topic: Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Improve Supply Chain Management and Combat Counterfeit Goods.


Nike Counterfeiter Sentenced on Money Laundering Too

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Last month in an article published in the Portland News titled, “Man Who Trafficked Counterfeit Nike Shoes Sentenced in Multimillion-Dollar Fraud,” written by Maxine Bernstein, she reported that the Oregon U.S. Attorney announced the sentencing of an online (unauthorized) Nike sneakers entrepreneur for counterfeiting and money laundering.[1]


China and Hong Kong Again Account for Lion’s Share of 2017 U.S. Seizures–No Surprise…But Still!

*Previously posted on The U.S. Department of Homeland Security report on “Intellectual Property Rights Seizure Statistics-Fiscal Year 2017, was recently released. The annual imagery of this color-coordinated info-graphic never fails to take my breath away. Link to the complete report:   Disclaimer: This blog is offered as a service to the professional IP community.…