Employment & Due Diligence Background Checks

Cybersecurity Consultations & Proactive Products

XG Consultants Group (XGCG) is a proud Chubb partner and expert service provider for individuals and firms in need of pre-employment background checks, due diligence screenings, cybersecurity consultations and investigative services. From conducting a background check on a nanny or security personnel, to providing information security regarding privacy and cyber threats to implementing a cybersecurity monitoring system to mitigate security issues going forward, let XGCG help protect your integrity and securely walk you through the process from beginning to end.

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Employment & Due Diligence Background Checks

XGCG is PIPEDA-compliant and PBSA-accredited which allows us to monitor and comply with all federal, state and local legislation while promoting fair practice and ethics in the background screening industry. The requirements for Due Diligence or Pre-Employment Background Checks vary in depth and scope based on factors such as industry, position, and residence. XGCG reviews employment factors with each client to determine their specific needs in order to provide the most efficient and effective background checks. Our goal is to provide a transparent, comprehensive, and accurate representation of your subject so that you can focus on business.

For more information on these services, please visit us at https://xgconsultantsgroup.com/

What is included in a Background Check:

Chubb Canada Premier Clients are entitled to one (1) complimentary background check per year. Once complimentary service levels are met, XGCG will provide services at cost to the client. All Chubb clients, regardless of their client segments, are eligible to receive a 10% discount rate.

All searches are limited to one (1) name or one (1) verification per check. Please reach out to us for more information.


A local level provincial court search conducted in the appropriate provincial court database based on the candidate’s residential address information. Information returned will include any suits, judgments, and/or liens filed against the candidate.


A search conducted through TransUnion to obtain the candidate’s consumer credit file abstract. Bankruptcy information is included.


A search conducted through the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Investigative Database and the Police Information Portal. Possible hits will be researched at the province of residence or based on any disclosure. Search is conducted through the local police who provide national coverage. If hits are developed, secondary provincial court searches will be conducted.*

*Note that if there are hits, it can take up to six months to receive the full criminal report details, if further investigation is required. This can be due to archived cases, court runner availability, and backlogs.


A search conducted to verify the education credentials, including the degree, dates of attendance and major field of study, based on information provided by the candidate.


A search conducted to verify the employer, dates of employment, and position held, based on information provided by the candidate.

Identity Check

An identification, cross reference check comparing the candidate’s provided information (name, DOB, Address, and SIN) with the TransUnion Credit Union

1-Hour Social Media Screening

An enhanced media search conducted on the global and local level by searching through publicly available newspapers, magazines, and Internet research to develop risk related negative information, as well as positive information on an individual.


  • MVR – British Columbia
    A search conducted through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • MVR – Manitoba
    A search conducted through Manitoba Public Insurance to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • MVR – New Brunswick
    A search conducted to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • MVR – Newfoundland and Labrador
    A search conducted to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • MVR – Nova Scotia
    A search conducted to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • MVR – Ontario
    A search conducted through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to obtain a copy of the candidate’s 3 year driving abstract.
  • MVR – Prince Edward Island
    A search conducted through Access PEI to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • MVR – Quebec
    A search conducted through SAAQ to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • MVR – Saskatchewan
    A search conducted through Saskatchewan Driver’s Licensing and Vehicle Registration (SGI) to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • MVR – Yukon Territory
    A search conducted through the Yukon Motor Vehicles Services to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • Professional License
    A search conducted through the issuing agency to validate the authenticity of the candidate’s professional license.

Professional License Verification

A search conducted through the issuing agency to validate the authenticity of the candidate’s professional license.

Additional fees will apply for additional name searches or verifications. Please contact us for more information.

XGCG is in full compliance with PIPEDA, CFCA, and any Canadian-specific requirements.

Cybersecurity Services & Products

XG Consultants Group can help you mitigate your cybersecurity risk by addressing immediate threats, implementing proactive monitoring tools, and sharing best practices to prevent cyber issues from occurring in the future. We are dedicated to human capital risk management. Our goal is to merge human processes and data intelligence seamlessly. We strive to bring clarity and trust that is much needed in this fast-paced digital era. With us, you’re not just adopting a service, you’re embracing transparency that paves the way for better decision-making.

XGCG offers “Tier 1” and “Tier 2” Consulting Services. 

“Tier 1” Cyber Consulting Services are $300 US Dollars, and may include multiple service calls aggregating no more than 2 hours of consulting time.

Tier 1 ($300 USD total, up to 2 hours)

  • General Consultation
    • Information Security related to the privacy and cybersecurity threats (Risk Assessment, Home/Office Network)
  • XGCG provides General Cybersecurity Best Practices
    • Passwords
      • Strong passwords with at least 10 characters using letters, numbers and symbols
      • Use Password Keeper for different passwords for every application
      • Two-factor authentication
      • Enable auto-lock, device finder, and biometric security (touch, facial ID)
    • Security, Antivirus, Browser, and Software updating
      • Update and perform a security scan
      • Install Antivirus software
    • General Knowledge of Top Cybersecurity Scams
      • Scam website exposure identification

“Tier 2” Cyber Consulting Services are for higher vulnerability situations requiring advanced cybersecurity expertise. “Tier 2” services include additional investigations and would be directly invoiced to Chubb clients.

Tier 2 ($475 USD/hour)

If more than 2 hours of consulting time is needed, the service level can advance to “Tier 2” level service, at $475 US Dollars/hour.

All Chubb-insured clients are eligible to receive a 10% discount on “Tier 2” consulting services.

  • Risk Assessment
    • Informational, incident, or breach identification
    • Define the loss or what was revealed
    • Investigate the severity of the compromise
      • Date/Time of occurrence
      • Who, what, when, and where?
      • Traceability of impact:
        • Other people?
        • Other websites, email accounts, etc.?
        • Other computers networked or devices?
        • Software, hardware, and browser versions?
        • Scam websites (FTC reporting)?
    • Reporting agencies and contacts
  • Social Engineering Identification and Prevention
    • Baiting – downloading foreign software
    • Scareware – bombarded with false alarms and fictitious threats
    • Pretexting – obtain sensitive information through carefully crafted lies
    • Phishing (most popular) – email and text messaging campaign to fool the user in revealing personal information
    • Spear Phishing – intentionally targeting individuals or enterprises
    • Blocking of phone numbers and emails
  • Security Solution and Development Support
  • Maintain List of Best Practices to be Reviewed by Tier 1 Agent
  • Cybersecurity Product and Software Recommendations
  • Fraud Response After Contacting Authorities
  • Updates Relating to Latest Cybersecurity Alerts, Top Threats, and Zero-day Vulnerabilities
  • Review of Scam Website Visitations and Response
    • Domain hijacking or domain spoofing
    • Main-in-the-Middle attack (MITM) prevention
      • Data interception and injection (ex: sniffing, spoofing, rogue access points)
  • Malware Threat Response
    • Including: Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware, Keylogger, Rootkit
  • Ransomware Threat Response
    • Including, but not limited to, Bad Rabbit, Cryptolocker, GoldenEye, Jigsaw, Locky, Maze, NotPetya, Petya
  • OS, Software, and Product Security
    • Review deprecated software versions and known vulnerabilities
      • Research a vulnerability and appropriate patch of fix
    • Top cyberthreats and latest alerts
    • General knowledge of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) top vulnerabilities
  • Securing Home Network including IOT (Internet of Things)
    • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and router configuration
    • Remote cameras, locks, and other equipment
    • Mobile phones
    • OS networking and MAC addresses
    • SSL/TLS/HTTPS encrypted traffic and firewall configuration


If there is a breach of a system or a matter of criminal nature, our cyber team can conduct additional investigations as requested.

Cybersecurity Proactive Products

P@PR (People at Potential Risk)

P@PR (People at Potential Risk) is an A.I. monitoring tool designed to proactively monitor and prevent any potential security or safety issues caused by employees, contractors and vendors. It provides an environmental threat intelligence feed and assesses the risk levels that can impact a company’s critical human resources. Receive alerts about any type of deviation in normal behavior by your employees, contractors and vendors (e.g., drop in credit score, unexpected use of a USB drive, unauthorized access of systems that are not typically accessed, emails being sent outside of the company, drop in work ethic, etc.)


SureSafe is an enterprise social, mobile application for people to learn, manage, and share their surrounding risks in real time with trusted peers (e.g., environmental events, civil unrest, planned activities, etc.). It creates a close-knit social community where the group can connect and learn each other’s risk with helpful explanations that could help avoid or mitigate impact. XGCG uses geo-fencing as a method to secure the team or community members and generate security alerts based on members security configuration.

SureSafe ID

SureSafe ID is a blockchain-based, secure and dynamic ID verification management system, with access level validation and identity risk. Depending on the client’s needs, the product maintains past verification information for future use and insights (e.g., background screenings, clearance, access history, credentials, risk score, etc.). Taking full advantage of blockchain’s immutability and traceability, we enable multi-verifications by the users’ social connections. The blockchain-based verification enhances user’s identity and risk scores in real time that does not exist in traditional background screening.

For more information on these products, please visit us at https://xgcyber.com/

About XGCG

XGCG is a New York City-based global private investigative firm founded in 2001 by a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. We are composed of a professionally licensed and fully credentialed team of former Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Investigators, Cybersecurity Experts, and Drone Specialists as well as an accredited support staff of Investigative Analysts, Media Analysts, and Court Researchers. Our team is fully engaged on your behalf in the fields of private investigations, background screenings, security assessments and best practices for all types of safety concerns.

XGCG serves clients globally, in over 200 countries and territories. We pride ourselves on growing an international suite of services in addition to our nationwide U.S.-based investigative and security specialties. Our services include everything from pre-employment to due diligence background screenings, from deep dive social media analysis and monitoring to general and complex criminal/civil investigations, to cybersecurity preventative and reactive solutions. We can mobilize the right people, resources, and technical services to carefully assess your needs and present a strategy to meet those needs within your timeframe.

Protect your integrity, secure your future.

XGCG offers Security Assessments including:

Marine Vessel/Yacht Security Assessments: Our comprehensive marine vessel security assessment evaluates both physical and cyber security measures on your current or prospective vessel. We help identify and mitigate potential threats, ensure proper communication systems, prevent unauthorized access and weapons, and provide contingency plans and best practices for various scenarios. Additionally, our cyber team conducts risk assessments, implements remediation measures for critical systems, and establishes secure networks for guests and crew.


Personal Security Assessments (Extortion, Criminal Investigations, etc.): Our personal security assessments provide meticulous investigation and protection using our experienced personnel and global resources. We specialize in complex criminal and civil investigations, including research, interviews, and evidence collection, to uncover essential records and intelligence. By identifying threats, analyzing risks, and prioritizing vulnerabilities, we offer comprehensive lifestyle assessments to help provide you with security and peace of mind.


Residential/Home Office Security Assessments: Our residential and home office security assessment evaluates both physical and cyber security measures to safeguard your property. We review all entrances, doors, and windows, ensure proper alarm and perimeter security systems, and advise on safety protocols for valuables, weapons, and key/password storage. Additionally, we provide best practices and recommendations to help mitigate potential internal and external threats that could affect everyday affairs including, knowing your neighbors, reviewing neighborhood crime statistics, designating a safe room, and maintaining contact information for local resources.


Travel Security Assessments: We work with you from start to finish to ensure safe travels around the world, identifying potential threats, recommending necessary travel tips/accessories, and advising on best practices for potentially dangerous scenarios. Our assessments cover transportation, communication, crime rates, weather and civil unrest alerts, sanitation, and more, considering both individual and environmental risks for your peace of mind.


XGCG is a leading and trusted provider of global background screenings and private investigations. We have the experience to fully recognize the vast needs of our clients, provide comprehensive reports and information that employers and decision makers can rely on to make informed decisions, and we have the global network and resources to meet those needs. XGCG has the capability to obtain first-hand information from on-site investigators and researchers worldwide and we do not exclusively rely on databases, as many other background-screening providers do. Our clients value our commitment to superior customer service, prompt response times, accuracy, quality control, compliance, resourcefulness, collaboration and extensive knowledge and experience. We recognize the need to maintain this standard of excellence to meet our clients’ requirements and will continuously strive to lead the industry in these areas.

*Chubb is the marketing name used to refer to subsidiaries of Chubb Limited providing insurance and related services. For a list of these subsidiaries, please visit our website at www.chubb.com. Insurance provided by Chubb Insurance Company of Canada or Chubb Life Insurance Company of Canada (collectively, “Chubb Canada”). Chubb Canada, Suite 2500, 199 Bay Street, Toronto ON M5L 1E2..

For more information on our security and investigative services, please visit our website at xgconsultantsgroup.com.

As an existing Chubb insured, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on all consulting and investigative services rendered by XG, except for Tier 1 Cybersecurity Consultations. This offer is made by XG and is available only to Chubb policyholders with a current in-force policy. For services provided, the policyholder and XG would enter into a vendor relationship directly. Chubb will not be involved in the policyholder’s decision to purchase services and has no responsibility for services that may be provided.

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