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XG Consultants Group is a proud Chubb partner and expert service provider for individuals and firms in need of pre-employment background checks, due diligence screenings, cybersecurity consultations and investigative services. From conducting a basic background check on a nanny or personal assistant, to conducting a home security assessment or providing event security, to implementing a cybersecurity monitoring tool to mitigate security issues caused by employees, let XG help protect your integrity and securely walk you through the process from beginning to end.

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What is included in a
Canada Background Check:

All searches are limited to one (1) name or one (1) verification per check. Please reach out to us for more information.

  • Civil
    A local level provincial court search conducted at the appropriate provincial court database based on the candidate’s residential address information. Information returned will include any suits, judgments, liens filed against the candidate.


  • Credit
    A search conducted through TransUnion to obtain the candidate’s consumer credit file abstract. Bankruptcy information is included.


  • Criminal
    A search conducted through the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) Investigative Database and the Police Information Portal. Possible hits will be researched at the province of residence or based on any disclosure. Search is conducted through the local police who provide national coverage. If hits are developed, secondary provincial court searches will be conducted.*

*Possible hits can take up to 6 months to receive the full criminal report details, if further investigation is required. This can be due to archived cases, court runner availability, and backlogs.

  • Education
    A search conducted to verify the education credentials, including the degree, dates of attendance and major field of study, based on information provided by the candidate.


  • Employment
    A search conducted to verify the employer, dates of employment, and position held, based on information provided by the candidate.


  • Identity Check
    An identification, cross reference check comparing the candidate’s provided information (name, DOB, Address, SIN) with the TransUnion Credit Union


  • 1-Hour Social Media Screening
    An enhanced media search conducted on the global and local level by searching through publicly available newspapers, magazines, and Internet research to develop risk related negative information, as well as positive information on an individual.


  • DMV / MVR
    • MVR – British Colombia
      A search conducted through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
    • MVR – Manitoba
      A search conducted through Manitoba Public Insurance to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
    • MVR – New Brunswick
      A search conducted to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
    • MVR – Newfoundland and Labrador
      A search conducted to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
    • MVR – Nova Scotia
      A search conducted to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
    • MVR – Ontario
      A search conducted through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to obtain a copy of the candidate’s 3 year driving abstract.
    • MVR – Prince Edward Isle
      A search conducted through Access PEI to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
    • MVR – Quebec
      A search conducted through SAAQ to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
    • MVR – Saskatchewan
      A search conducted through Saskatchewan Driver’s Licensing and Vehicle Registration (SGI) to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
    • MVR – Yukon Territory
      A search conducted through YT Bureau de Motor Vehicle to obtain a copy of the candidate’s driving abstract.
  • Professional License
    A search conducted through the issuing agency to validate the authenticity of the candidate’s professional license.

Additional fees will apply for additional name searches or verifications. Please contact us for more information.

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About XG

XG Consultants Group (XGCG) is a New York City-based private investigative firm founded in 2001 by a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. We are composed of a professionally licensed and fully credentialed team of former Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Investigators, Cybersecurity Experts, and Drone Specialists as well as an accredited support staff of Investigative and Media Analysts. Our team is fully engaged on your behalf in the fields of private investigations, background screenings, security assessments and best practices for all types of security concerns.

XGCG serves clients globally, in over 200 countries and territories. We pride ourselves on growing an international suite of services in addition to our nationwide U.S.-based investigative and security specialties. Our services include everything from pre-employment to due diligence background screenings, from deep dive social media analysis and monitoring to general and complex investigations, to cybersecurity preventative and reactive solutions. We can mobilize the right people, resources, and technical services to carefully assess your needs and present a strategy to meet those needs within your timeframe. Protect your integrity, secure your future!

Why XG Consultants

XGCG is a leading and trusted provider of background screenings and private investigations. We have the national and international experience to fully recognize the vast needs of our clients and we have the global network and resources to meet those needs. XGCG uses its resources and tools to provide comprehensive reports and information that employers and decision makers across the globe can rely on to make informed business and hiring decisions. XGCG has the capability to obtain first-hand information from on-site investigators and researchers worldwide and we do not exclusively rely on databases, as many other background-screening providers do. Our clients value our commitment to superior customer service, prompt response time, quality control, and extensive knowledge. We recognize the need to maintain this standard of excellence to meet our clients’ requirements and will continuously strive to lead the industry in these areas.

Global Security & Investigations

Whether you’re concerned with internal employee issues (fraud, family & medical leave act, workers’ compensation, etc.) or external worries (phishing scams, electronic bugging, confirming one’s identity and SSN#, etc), XGCG has the resources and experience to provide professional analysis and insight. XGCG has helped clients resolve investigations promptly and discreetly with minimal personal and business disruption. See below for a list of our most active global investigative services, please reach out to us if you do not see a security or investigative service that you need.

  • Active Shooter Training
  • Asset Searches
  • Counter Wiretapping Measures (Electronic Sweeps)
  • Complex Civil/Criminal Investigations
  • Drone Support (Agriculture, Arts/Photography, Counter Terrorism/National Security-Civil Unrest, Disaster Management/Rescue Operations, Engineering/Construction, Entertainment/Sporting Events, News/Journalism, Policing/Surveillance, Shipping/Delivery, Teaching/Training, Traffic Control/Amber Alert)
  • Due Diligence Investigations (Intellectual Property, Investments, Partnerships)
  • Event Security
  • Executive Protection
  • Home/Business/Travel Security Assessments
  • Litigation Support
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Social Media Research & Monitoring

Pre-Employment Background Checks

The requirements for Pre-Employment Background Checks vary in depth and scope based on factors such as industry, position, and residence. XGCG consults employment factors with each client to determine their specific needs in order to provide the most efficient and effective background checks. Our services can be used in any industry, from private family offices to tech start ups, from reality tv shows to sports events, from government entities to nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to provide a transparent, comprehensive, and accurate representation of your subject so that you can focus on business.