Background Checks/Due Diligence Screening + Cybersecurity Consultation

XG Consultants Group is a proud Chubb partner and expert service provider for individuals and firms in need of basic background checks, due diligence screening, cybersecurity consultations and security services. From doing a basic background check on a babysitters/nanny, house managers, chauffeurs, etc. to conducting a home security assessment or cybersecurity consultation, allow XG to help you protect your integrity and securely walk you through the process from beginning to end.

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What is included in a
Chubb Background Check:

  • Address History/Alias History
  • SSN Verification
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Criminal Court Search
  • Civil Court Search
  • Federal Criminal & Civil Search
  • DMV Search (If Applicable – Need Consent)
  • Media Search (1 hour search)
  • Credit Report (If Applicable – Need Consent)
  • Education Verification (If Applicable – Need Consent)
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional Licensing Verification (If Applicable)
  • Drug Screening (If Applicable – Need Consent)

Cybersecurity Services

Request a background check or cybersecurity consultation

Cybersecurity Services

  • XG Consultants Group can help you mitigate your cybersecurity risk. We provide quantifiable risk analysis and training on how to prioritize threats.
  • Embed cybersecurity right tools resource allocation and maximizing the return on investment while ensuing legal compliance.
  • Security Technology –monitoring, patching, threat intelligence and governance – surface attack areas.
  • Email compromise
    • Strong passwords
    • Two factor authentication for email and bank accounts
    • Use Encryption/VPN for emailing sensitive information
  • Identity Theft (if there is any comprise of your identity contact Chubb’s Theft Services via CyberScout)
Initial Consultation
  • Malware Threats (recommendations)
  • Mobile/Voicemail Threats
    • Use password keeper for different passwords for every application
    • Enable auto-lock, touch, facial ID
    • Disable auto-connect to wi-fi and Bluetooth
    • Install device finder
  • Phishing Scams
  • Ransomware
  • Securing your home network
    • Best practices for password protection
    • Cloud backup of all devices
    • Encryption/VPN for emailing sensitive information
    • Risk assessment of your computers
    • Coverage on Cyber Insurance
  • Travel/Home, computer use
    • Device up to date
    • Device finder installed
    • Sensitive data removed

If there is an unfortunate breach of a system or a matter of criminal nature our investigators can conduct investigations related to cyber matters.

  • Digital Forensics (cell phones, computers, and other digital media)
Cybersecurity consulting services for home computers and cell phones

Consultation on but not limited to the following.

  • Security Breach
    • Computer/cell phone?
    • What happened?
    • How did it happen?
    • What was lost or revealed?
    • Impact?
    • Other people at risk?
    • What type of antivirus system do you use?
    • Notifications re breach private sector and governmental agencies?
  • Best practices for preventive measures
    • Antivirus systems
    • Blocking – phone numbers/emails
    • Browsers updated
    • Dark web
    • Data storage
    • Encrypted software
    • Firewalls
    • ILT – internet of things (games)
    • Interactive letters
    • Password protection
    • Phishing
    • Ransomware
    • Remote to computers
    • Sniffers
    • Social engineering – switch and bait
    • System updates
    • Text massages
    • Wi-fi

*As an existing Chubb insured, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on all consulting and investigative services rendered by XG. This offer is made by XG and is available only to Chubb policyholders with a current in-force policy. For services provided, the policyholder and XG would enter into a vendor relationship directly. Chubb will not be involved in the policyholder’s decision to purchase services and has no responsibility for services that may be provided.

About XG

XG Consultants Group (XGCG) is a New York City based private investigative firm founded in 2002 by a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. We are comprised of a professionally licensed and fully credentialed team of former Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Investigators as well as trained accredited support staff of Media and Investigative Analysts. Our team is fully engaged on your behalf in the fields of private investigations, background screening, security assessments and best practices for all types of security concerns.

XGCG serves our clients globally. We pride ourselves in providing an international suite of services in addition to our nationwide U.S. based investigative and security specialties. These services include everything from pre-employment and general background screening to general and complex investigations. You or your business can be confident that you will have enough information to make a proper decision in order to move forward. Protect your integrity, secure your future!

Why XG Consultants

XGCG is a leading and trusted provider of background screening and private investigations. We have the national and international experience to fully recognize the vast needs of our clients and the global network and resources to meet those needs. XGCG uses its remarkable resources and tools to provide comprehensive reports and information that employers and decision makers across the globe can rely on to make informed business and hiring decisions. XGCG has the capability to obtain first-hand information from on-site investigators and researchers worldwide and does not exclusively rely on databases as many other background-screening providers do. Our clients value our superior customer service, prompt response time and extensive knowledge. We recognize the need to maintain this standard of excellence to meet our clients’ requirements and will continuously strive to lead the industry in these areas.

Investigations & Due Diligence

Whether you are concerned with internal employee issues (fraud, family & medical leave act, workers’ compensation, etc.) or external worries (electronic bugging, confirming one’s identity and SSN#, etc.) XGCG offers expertise at gathering critical facts to help you make informed choices. XGCG has helped clients resolve investigations promptly and discreetly with minimal personal and business disruption.

  • Asset Searches
  • Counter Measures (Electronic Sweep)
  • Complex civil/criminal investigations
  • Drone Support (Agriculture, Arts/Photography, Counter Terrorism/National Security-Civil Unrest, Disaster Management/Rescue Operations, Engineering/Construction, Entertainment/Sporting Events, News/Journalism, Policing/Surveillance, Shipping/Delivery, Teaching/Training, Traffic Control/Amber Alert)
  • Due Diligence Investigations for Investments
  • Employment Background Screening
  • Home Security Assessments
  • Litigation Support
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Vessel Security Assessments

Pre-Employment Background Checks

The requirements for Pre-Employment Background Checks vary in depth and scope based on factors such as industry and position. It is important for XGCG to consult with each client to determine their specific needs in order to achieve the most efficient background checks. At XGCG, we do not claim we service by “Industry” because we do not generalize. XGCG’s focus is on ensuring that each unique client, no matter what type of business or services a company provides, have their needs met and catered to by XGCG.

*Additional Fees May Apply for NYS Criminal Search and Additional Media Hours (upon request)