Social Media Background Screenings

Need to clean up you online presence before applying for a new job or a television appearance? Protect your future with comprehensive social media background checks done by the humans at XG!

Uncover what social media background checks that rely on AI miss!

AI used for social media screenings:

  • frequently misses important key findings
  • heavily relies on keywords to find flags
  • is unable to reliably review audio, video, and sometimes images
  • does not have the ability to review private profiles (with permission)
  • lacks the ability to recognize more unique flags

Interested in learning more about what key findings your current social media background check provider might be missing? Fill out the contact form to get started on a comparison report!

What is included in an XG Social Media Background Check:

  • Summary about the individual and any key findings
  • List of profiles discovered across 65+ social networking platforms
  • Positive/neutral findings
  • Key findings (including links and screenshots) from social media profiles and other online sources

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Social Media Monitoring Services

XG offers in-depth social media research and analysis on individuals, businesses, controversies, trends, and more. Our Media Analysts utilize a combination of public and proprietary databases, including on-the-ground and human intelligence research methodologies, to provide the most comprehensive online assessment of the subject matter and conduct subsequent social media monitoring upon request.

Need help monitoring a site closing? Need to monitor the online presence of a political figure in a campaign? XG will customize a monitoring and reporting package based on our client’s needs and provide the intelligence needed to mitigate risk to your business.

About XG

XG Consultants Group (XG) is a private investigative firm based in Stamford, Connecticut and was founded in 2001 by a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. We are composed of a professionally licensed and fully credentialed team of former Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Investigators, Cybersecurity Experts, and Drone Specialists as well as an accredited support staff of Investigative and Media Analysts. Our team is fully engaged on your behalf in the fields of private investigations, background screenings, security assessments and best practices for all types of security concerns.

XG serves clients globally, in over 200 countries and territories. We pride ourselves on growing an international suite of services in addition to our nationwide U.S.-based investigative and security specialties. Our services include everything from pre-employment to due diligence background screenings, from deep dive social media analysis and monitoring to general and complex investigations, to cybersecurity preventative and reactive solutions. We can mobilize the right people, resources, and technical services to carefully assess your needs and present a strategy to meet those needs within your timeframe. Protect your integrity, secure your future!

Why XG Consultants

XG Consultants Group is a leading and trusted provider of background screenings and private investigations. We have the national and international experience to fully recognize the vast needs of our clients and the global network and resources to meet those needs. XG uses its resources and tools to provide comprehensive reports and information that employers and decision makers across the globe can rely on to make informed business and hiring decisions. XG Consultants Group also has the capability to obtain first-hand information from on-site investigators and researchers worldwide and we do not exclusively rely on databases or AI, as many other background-screening providers do. Our clients value our commitment to superior customer service, prompt response time, quality control, and extensive knowledge. We recognize the need to maintain this standard of excellence to meet our clients’ requirements and will continuously strive to lead the industry in these areas.

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