Cybersecurity Solutions

Enhance your business and law enforcement cybersecurity capabilities with our cutting-edge strategies and tools.

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Reactive and Proactive Solutions

Whether you’re looking for reactive services after a threat occurs or proactive services to help mitigate future threats, XG’s experts tailor our services to fit your exact needs.

Cybersecurity Services

Vulnerability and Exploitation Risk Assessments

  1. XG reviews the clients’ computer system, network, and data environment and identifies potential vulnerabilities and exploitations that could negatively impact the client’s business and home.
  2. XG reviews how digital identities and access controls are managed to protect clients’ computing environments from data breaches or ransomware.
  3. XG quantifies and prioritizes the findings and then makes recommendations that could mitigate the risk in both tactical and strategic perspectives.
  4. XG provides a roadmap that is tailored to our client’s environment and prioritized initiatives.

Enterprise Strategy Development

  1. XG works with clients’ leadership team and stakeholders to align their business vision, operational risk management, and cybersecurity.
  2. XG helps clients to develop guiding principles, strategy, and actionable initiatives to enhance enterprise-wide security maturity.

Security and Privacy Training Programs

  1. XG informs the client of the most common and impactful threats to their industry.
  2. XG provides tailored training sessions for the client by focusing on prevention (i.e. “How to prevent the cyber threat” and “How to detect and respond to the cyber threat.”)
  3. Good security and privacy hygiene is the best preventive solution to cyber protection. We inform our clients of simple yet effective practices that help protect their assets at all times and fend off cyber threats.

Tabletop and Contingency Exercises

  1. A well-prepared contingency plan and recovery plan are not enough for business continuity; they must be implemented. XG can develop, host, and facilitate tabletop exercise programs that are specifically tailored to clients’ business situations and concerns.
  2. Clients’ key resources participate in the exercise and actively engage in the facilitated discussions covering how to respond, contain, eradicate, and recover.

Security Testing

  1. XG provides penetration testing to evaluate the security of a targeted client’s home/work computing systems including technology infrastructure, applications, and sensitive data.
  2. The most commonly used threat vector is the human element. XG devises social engineering test scenarios and performs the test including phishing, mock-ransomware, and voice phishing.
  3. Based on the findings, XG develops targeted security training programs and provides additional training sessions to the client.

Dark Web Monitoring

  1. XG monitors social media channels, news, blogs, and websites to proactively identify information that may potentially harm clients.
  2. Upon detection, XG helps clients to assess the contents and its impact to business and personnel.

Best Practices or Regulatory Compliance Review

  1. XG reviews clients’ security and privacy posture against all controls required by industry best practices or regulatory rules (i.e. SOC2, ISO 27000, NIST cybersecurity framework, NIST privacy framework, FISMA, HIPAA, FFIEC, CCPA and GDPR).
  2. XG provides prioritized gap analysis, and more importantly, actionable recommended solutions.
  3. XG reviews and enhances foundational cybersecurity practices including security and privacy culture, incident management, and data governance.

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P@PR: (People At Potential Risk)

P@PR: (People At Potential Risk) is an AI-based, human capital risk management tool to proactively mitigate staff risk with an automated evidence chain. This product can identify insider threats and protect critical resources (i.e. executives). This product proactively monitors and prevents any potential Cybersecurity issue caused by employees, vendors, contractors, or 3rd supply chain resources. It also provides an environmental threat intelligence feed and assesses the risk level impacting critical human resources.


SureSafe is a human analytics-based social application for personal security. This product provides employees with the ability to learn about and manage their own risk in real time. Suresafe allows employees to be informed of their own risk caused by environmental events such as health concerns, weather warnings, and social unrest, or planned activities like travel. It creates a close-knit social community where employees can connect and learn from each other’s risk with useful explanations that can help avoid or mitigate further impact.