With 90% of Americans using at least one social media platform, social media screening is an integral part of the background check process. We have an enthusiastic and dynamic team of media analysts who are versed in foreign language skills, cultural awareness, and years of experience utilizing the metaverse. Our media analysts undergo rigorous training to uphold our standards of confidentiality, impartiality, and accuracy. 

Media Searches:

  • Provide a well-rounded window into the subject’s lifestyle and habits through the subject’s profile content and other publicly available web data.
  • Are conducted using information provided by the applicant combined with proprietary search techniques (which include but are not limited to algorithms, database searches, and targeted internet searches).
  • Are designed to locate both innocuous information as well as potentially criminal, controversial, or otherwise noteworthy content (tailored to the clients’ preferences).
  • Includes an analysis of the search results and, when applicable, a social media profile list, findings, key findings, and name matches.