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Individual, Business, and Due Diligence Checks For Every Industry

Through compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), XG upholds a standard of excellence by carefully assessing the needs of each client to provide the most efficient, accurate, and timely service.

Individual Checks

Address History

Identifies prior addresses, any known aliases (previous names used), and checks the social security number to ensure that it will identify the state and year of issuance. The SSN is also checked against the deceased records of the Social Security Administration. Please note that Address/Identity History Information is not recorded in the final report as it is not considered FCRA-compliant material. However, this information is still used by XG to determine all jurisdictions and other aliases searched.


Included in the Nationwide Federal Records Search.

County Civil (Upper & Lower)

Civil records are stored in courts within a certain county, and typically provide information such as case type, amount sought, and disposition. Civil recordings are usually classified by the amount of money sought by the plaintiff and most often do not contain a subject’s date of birth or social security number.

County Criminal (Upper & Lower)

XG conducts a felony/misdemeanor search in each county where the applicant has resided, in the courthouse in “real time.” When a record is located, we provide full case information, including case number, date of offense, level of offense, charge description, disposition, and any identifiers as they appear in the court dockets.

Credit Check (with proper release and consent)

A Transunion credit report is conducted on the applicant with their consent.

Global Watchlist

A search of over 100 entities that identifies information such as most wanted lists, terroristic threats, and global financial restrictions.

DMV Search

Driver’s license verification and driving history. This search provides accidents, violations, and/or suspensions. *Some states require special release forms.

Drug Screening

  • 5-panel tests: Amphetamines, Cannabinoids, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine
  • 10-panel test: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Cannabinoids, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Barbiturate, Benzodiazepine, Methadone, Oxycodone, Ecstasy
  • 5-panel test minus marijuana

Education Verification

Verifies graduation date, dates of attendance, degree(s) received, and major area of study.

Employment Verification

Provides dates of employment, job title, and eligibility for rehire. When available and with the written consent of the applicant we also obtain a supervisory reference detailing more pertinent job information.

Nationwide Federal Records (Criminal and Civil)

Federal-level searches identify cases where the United States government is the plaintiff or cases crossing state lines. This search includes criminal, civil, and bankruptcy records.

Liens & Judgments

A search of the Lexis/Nexis database primarily provides liens and judgments (among other findings) on the applicant. This is also used to check against other database results and provides insight on possible counties that might require further investigation.

Military Records

A search of the DoD Manpower Data Center with basic service information and fast turnaround or a DD-214 verification with full records and slower turnaround.

Nationwide Criminal

A comprehensive database search of multiple criminal records sources, departments of correction, state court administrations, state law enforcement agencies, traffic courts, state and county criminal record repositories, prison parole and release files, probation records and records from other state agencies. This is a database search of more than 370 million criminal records across the United States that is used to find any records that may have been missed by the county or statewide criminal record searches.

National Sex Offender Registry

A name search through the National Sex Offenders Database. Sex offenders are required to register and report their current residence.

Professional License Verification

XG verifies any professional licenses and certifications held by the applicant and provides any sanctions records relating to the licenses. The search provides records on the accuracy of the applicant’s license, any disciplinary actions taken, date of issue, expiration dates, and status of the license.

Social Media Search

Media searches provide a well-rounded picture of the subject’s lifestyle and habits. Findings are obtained by highly trained media analysts who conduct a standard 3-hour search using information provided by the applicant combined with proprietary search techniques (which include but are not limited to algorithms, database searches, and targeted internet searches). These methods are designed to locate both innocuous information as well as potentially criminal, controversial, or otherwise noteworthy content. The report also includes a summarization of the search results and, when applicable, a social media profile list, findings, key findings, and name matches. Media searches can be conducted with or without friend requests for private profiles.

SSN Verification

The SSN is checked against multiple databases and can be further verified through the Social Security Administration and their deceased records.

UCC Filings

These records are for loans or liens.

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Business Checks

Business and non-profit checks can provide a well-rounded picture of a prospective business partner, vendor, supplier, or retailer to help protect your company’s image and mitigate any potential business risks.

Due Diligence Checks

An investigation using only publicly available records and basic identifying information. This can be more intensive than a background check but is not used during a typical hiring process and does not involve an application.