Business & Non-Profit Organizations

Let XG help you evaluate companies and organizations before you do business with them.

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Our business and non-profit checks provide a well-rounded picture of a prospective business partner or vendor that can help protect your company and make important business decisions.

From animal shelters and private medical practices to hair salons and pop-up restaurants, we can help you vet any company.

Business Services Include:


Reactive and proactive cybersecurity services for all of your business needs.

Better Business Bureau

Provides a rating for the business based on complaints and how they have been satisfied. This is not available for all businesses, especially small or recent startups.

Corporate Filings

These records show the different fillings by a business, ranging from name or address changes to incorporations.

County-Level Civil Search

Civil records are stored in courts within a certain county, and typically provide information such as case type, amount sought, and disposition. Civil recordings are usually classified by the amount of money sought by the plaintiff.

Dun & Bradstreet

A business credit report that provides insight into finances. This is not available for all businesses, especially small or recent startups.

Federal Civil Search

Federal-level searches involve cases in which the United States government is the plaintiff or cases belonging to federal jurisdiction. This search includes civil and bankruptcy records.

Lexis/Nexis Comprehensive Search

A search of the Lexis/Nexis database primarily provides liens and judgments (among other findings) on the business. This is also used to check against other database results and provides insight on possible counties that might require further investigation.


A list of individuals registered with the business, such as President, Treasurer, etc.

Property Records

Records of property (such as homes, automobiles, watercraft, etc.) owned by the business.

Social Media Screening & Monitoring

Get a complete picture of a business through our extensive social media research and monitoring.


A check to determine the status of the business within the Security Exchange Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and National Futures Association.

UCC Filings

These records are for loans or liens made under the business, often using collateral.

Verification of Not-for-Profit Status

IRS verification on a business’ not-for-profit/charity status.