Social Media Monitoring

Let XG handle the social media monitoring of your subject online for immediate or long-term business goals.

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Why Monitor?

XG offers in-depth social media monitoring on individuals, businesses, controversies, trends, and more. Our Media Analysts utilize a combination of public and proprietary databases, including on-the-ground and human intelligence research methodologies, to provide the most comprehensive online assessment of the subject matter and conduct subsequent social media monitoring upon request.

Need help monitoring a site closing? Need to monitor the online presence of a political figure in a campaign? XG will customize a monitoring and reporting package based on our client’s needs and provide the intelligence needed to mitigate risk to your business.

Immediate Monitoring

Monitoring takes place immediately after the initial media report has been completed and continues on a schedule designed by the client.

Gap Monitoring

Monitoring takes place during the time period from when the initial media report was conducted to the time period the client requests. Conducting recurring background screenings is crucial for maintaining your reputation and image.

One-Time Monitoring

Monitoring to confirm that the subject has removed all key negative findings that the client requested.

We also provide social media screening services that include comprehensive reports detailing social media profiles that belong to your subject and any key findings located on these profiles or the internet.