Executive Protection

XG can help ensure our clients’ safety and mitigate security risks against them.

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Executive protection

Domestic and International Professional Protection Specialists

XG and its associates provide our clients with highly trained, licensed, bonded, and professional protection specialists in both domestic and international areas. Whether your protection needs are short or long term, we can provide you with the appropriate armed or unarmed agents to accommodate your situation. Executive Protection involves risk and threat assessments, collecting intelligence from physical and online information, strategizing the operation and end goals, and preparing a tactical plan to keep our clients safe.

Investigation & Surveillance

XG’s physical and remote surveillance services can help monitor the behavior, activities, or information for your business needs.

Personal & Event Security

XG employs off-duty and retired law enforcement, military, and security personnel who provide first class executive protection and security services for a variety of high-level clients.

Business/Home/Travel Risk Assessments

XG can help identify potential safety hazards wherever you are and implement a strategic reactionary plan if a safety threat occurs.

Security Screening Tools

  • Specially equipped SUVs for protective services
  • Level-3 Armor SUV vehicle for high-threat movement
  • Portable walk-through and hand-held metal detectors
  • Portable ID scanners
  • Command vehicle with CCTV surveillance
  • Baggage screening x-ray machines