Social Media Screening

Get to know your candidate in the courts and online.

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An Enthusiastic and Dynamic Social Media Team

Our media team is trained in foreign languages, cultural awareness, biases, and confidentiality in order to uphold our standards of impartiality and accuracy within our comprehensive reports. While many companies only use AI-driven tools to conduct media searches, XG’s media reports are created by actual people. AI-driven analytics often miss key context-based information that our media analysts are able to catch.

Why Conduct Social Media Screening?

With 25% of adult internet users posting sensitive personal information on social media (, it is important to include social media research in your candidate’s background screening. In our media reports, XG includes any derogatory or controversial content, including bigoted, racist, sexist, or violent sentiments that others may be able to exploit, as well as additional online findings that can otherwise be interpreted as questionable or problematic. This can include publicly available mugshots, arrest info, lawsuits, and more.

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Social Media Reports for Employers

Conducting background checks on new hires or current employees ensures that the employer receives the most accurate representation of the candidate and reduces the risk of potential business liabilities and other penalties. When conducting a social media screening for employment purposes, our Media Analysts redact protected class information in adherence with employment laws and regulations. Our goal is to give you the most holistic picture of your candidate so you can decide if their character aligns with your company’s culture and values.

We also provide Social Media Monitoring services for any immediate or on-going project.

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