Global Security and Investigations

A team of private investigators for all of your security and analytical needs.

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Investigative and Security Services

Whether you’re looking for general litigation support, due diligence on an investment, security for your office/personnel, or assistance in a major civil or criminal matter, our team of experts has the resources and experience to provide professional insight that aligns with your goals.

Global Security and Investigative Services

Active Shooter Training

Receive hands-on active shooter practice that provides training on emergency and crisis procedures as well as live drills to ensure staff and personnel are physically and psychologically ready for threats.

Criminal/Civil Investigations

We have court researchers across the globe ready to assist with all of your criminal and civil questions.

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Cybersecurity Investigations, Support, and Preventative Measures

With our preventative monitoring tools, XG can assess your cyberspace to uncover and terminate any threats and develop an enterprise strategy to prevent them from occurring again.

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Drone Support

  • Aerial and Mapping Inspections
  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Aerial Photography
  • Construction
  • Disaster Management
  • Filming/Photography
  • Inspections for Utility Companies
  • Policing/Military
  • Rescue Operations
  • Shipping/Delivery
  • Traffic

Electronic Counter Measures

XG can examine, locate, and combat secret surveillance attempts to gain confidential information on you or your business through technical and electronic means.

Event Security

Assistance in providing security for an event, as well as assisting and obtaining the proper security coverage and compliance. Secret ticket holder, tabletop exercises, crowd control, contingency planning, boots-on-the-ground support.

Executive Protection

XG can provide risk and threat assessments for any situation, whether you’re staying at home or traveling overseas. We can prepare a tactical plan to get your business or loved ones ready with the support they need to feel safe and secure.

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IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Tracing

We have the resources to make connections between your entity and your area of concern. We can turn your data into intelligence by utilizing visual analysis tools to uncover insights in relationships to discover patterns and insight in data.

Intellectual Property Investigations

XG can help identify threats to your IP and internal information and present a strategy to recover damages.

Litigation Support

We assist attorneys and law firms with a variety of legal support and thoroughly assess their needs and compliance requirements.

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Security Assessments - Business/Home

Allow us to carefully assess the current security and safety of your business office or residence to ensure you are fully aware of your surroundings and create a course of action in case of a threat.

Social Media Research/Monitoring

Our experienced social media team provides in-depth social media research to locate any innocuous or derogatory information on your subject’s social media profiles and compiles this information in a comprehensive report.

XG can monitor your subject’s online activity for a duration of your specification in order to protect your business goals.

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Our team of dedicated private investigators, mainly consisting of former law enforcement officers, can conduct surveillance in any US State and most foreign countries. We can monitor the behavior, activity, and relevant information of an entity to provide you with the answers that you need.