The twofold investigative and data analysis process is a passion for the team at XG Consultants Group. It requires the investigators and researchers to often think out of the box in order to gather the raw information needed, then the astute review of the data by our experienced analysts to assess its value.

Often, any given investigation will present obstacles that an inexperienced investigator may conclude insurmountable, but with the collective experience and imagination of the XG team, a way to ethically access the information needed is often achieved.

In a recent multi-million dollar fraud investigation (on behalf of a foreign client) access to confidential bank records initially appeared to be unobtainable, but the XG team discovered an obscure legal procedure in which a foreign victim could petition a U.S. district court for subpoenas to serve on U.S. banks. After the records were received, XG financial analysts tracked the money-laundering path of the funds to its final receiving bank where legal action was taken.